None of the Above (Flash Fiction)

"Oh! Did you see that one?" Brian turned to look at his daughter. He could see her wide eyes staring at the stars above them. "I did!" she said. She traced her finger where the shooting star streaked the night sky. "That one had a long tail," she said. "Yeah it did." Brian rested his … Continue reading None of the Above (Flash Fiction)

Just a Dream (Flash Fiction)

Bob stood at the edge of a field of dead grass. The grass was short and manicured with trimmed edges and a dirt track surrounding it. The field was round with a young oak tree in the center. In the field, trotting around the tree, was a black horse with strong muscles that rippled with … Continue reading Just a Dream (Flash Fiction)

Mexican (Flash Fiction)

Brian opened the door for Susanne. and she thanked him. The hostess, a young girl with thick, black hair that gleamed in the light, smiled and grabbed two menus. They were promptly seated. "This place is incredible," said Brian. "I can't believe you've never been here." "Well," Susanne said, placing a napkin on her lap, … Continue reading Mexican (Flash Fiction)

We Built It (Flash Fiction)

There was another murder today. Bob watched the news and had the whole story unfold before him as though it had happened on some fictional planet instead of two blocks from where he lived. He stuck around longer than he wanted because the on-scene reporter was young and blonde and had perky tits. He lost … Continue reading We Built It (Flash Fiction)

Street Art (Flash Fiction)

Brian and Catherine rounded the street corner hand in hand. The sun was warm but the air was cool and refreshing. Catherine's skirt danced in the breeze, and Brian smiled to himself when he caught a glimpse of her thigh. They took their time as they ascended the low-grade. The sidewalk was cracked and weathered, … Continue reading Street Art (Flash Fiction)

Chasing the Dragon (Flash Fiction)

The zipper made a long, drawn-out sound in the kitchen as the body bag was closed. Bob stepped around the long bag, over the dried vomit on the worn linoleum, and into the living room. Cigarette smoke hung in the air like a hazy horizon. Bob sat on the couch, careful to avoid a fresh … Continue reading Chasing the Dragon (Flash Fiction)

A Meeting with the Self (Flash Fiction)

Bob sat down on a white leather chair. He adjusted his tie that felt tight around his throat. Sunlight beamed in through the window and set the white floor ablaze with light. In front of him sat a man at a small desk. The wood was old and worn. The man was identical to Bob … Continue reading A Meeting with the Self (Flash Fiction)