Mystery House (Flash Fiction)

After taking yet another turn, Brian was led down a long and narrow hallway. The walls seemed to press down upon him, growing higher and squeezing in against him. Exhausted nubs of dying candle hung from their places on the wall like deranged icicles. Brian's footsteps were silent beneath him as if the rug itself … Continue reading Mystery House (Flash Fiction)

Magic Show (Flash Fiction)

Brian stepped out like a king to his peasants as the mother hosting the party introduced him. He strode into the small living room with bold mystique and narrowed his eyes when he saw the look on the children's faces, their eyes wide and bulging from their heads. He stopped precisely in the center of … Continue reading Magic Show (Flash Fiction)

Something… (Part 4)

With the first clang of the bell on the rotary phone, Cynthia Holcomb was awake. During her 32 years of work as a secretary, her ear had become dreadfully attuned to the sound of ringing phones. She took pride in her ability to respond quickly to calls, and her boss demanded that pride throughout each … Continue reading Something… (Part 4)

Upon High (Flash Fiction)

Bob looked out over the white valley and understood what it meant to feel shame, to want to hide from purity. The view was stunning. The mountain peaks stood before him like the first saints of the natural world. The valley of snow stood still and silent below them like their flock of faithful followers. … Continue reading Upon High (Flash Fiction)

Achieving Zen (Flash Fiction)

It was approximately ten minutes passed twelve when Bob fell out of his body. He didn't leave his body, but he did fall out of it. He didn't float up into the sky above and look down on himself. He didn't experience a feeling of weightlessness. Rather, he ceased to be him and became everything … Continue reading Achieving Zen (Flash Fiction)

Hobbies (Flash Fiction)

Halfway through the living room, Susanne stopped. She slowly turned her head, like an old security camera, and saw her husband sitting with his legs crossed in the middle of the carpet. Around him, surrounding him like a battleground of children's toys, were books and tools and parts, diagrams that opened up four pages long, … Continue reading Hobbies (Flash Fiction)

The Mountain (Flash Fiction)

The mountain looked down upon Brian from its height. The dark blue sky of a thinning atmosphere was its home. Shadows fell into deep crevices filled with ice. Soft snow blanketed it with powerful beauty and jagged stone showed the lines of its age. Brian climbed. As Brian climbed, his body worked. He kicked at … Continue reading The Mountain (Flash Fiction)

Going Places (Flash Fiction)

Catherine and Susanne were both standing in their cubicles, leaning toward each other where the corners met. Their eyes peered over the thin walls and went from left to right as they watched Bob zoom up and down the narrow aisles. His arms were filled with folders and mail and files from the printer, and … Continue reading Going Places (Flash Fiction)