Sunsets (Flash Fiction)

After accomplishing most of the always impossible goal, the proper slathering of sunscreen onto wild children dead-set on reaching the lakeside shore, Bob joined his father at a picnic table in the shade. The warm winds of August pushed through the birch trees and sent ripples across the dark blue water. "Something to drink, Dad?" … Continue reading Sunsets (Flash Fiction)

Competition (Flash Fiction)

As a Ford pickup truck filled with a bed of drunken youth spun donuts in a fallow piece of farmland, Bob and Brian settled into their familiar places on the porch to watch a show that only copious amounts of alcohol could provide. Bob cracked open a beer and handed it to his friend. “Who’s … Continue reading Competition (Flash Fiction)

Abaddon (Flash Fiction)

Catherine walked alone on the beach. She walked slowly, surrounded by a thick fog that was very hot. The sand was burning against her bare feet, and small plumes of smoke puffed up around her with each step. Her eyes watered. The ocean was still, dead. There were no waves stirring its glassy surface. Small … Continue reading Abaddon (Flash Fiction)

Of Loss (Flash Fiction)

On a dull afternoon, Catherine, working the mental list of things to do and what could be skipped for tomorrow, turned the page of her calendar and was suddenly reminded of loss. October first, the start of the fiscal year, a day when fat cats in tall buildings busied themselves with new ways to win … Continue reading Of Loss (Flash Fiction)

Mystery House (Flash Fiction)

After taking yet another turn, Brian was led down a long and narrow hallway. The walls seemed to press down upon him, growing higher and squeezing in against him. Exhausted nubs of dying candle hung from their places on the wall like deranged icicles. Brian's footsteps were silent beneath him as if the rug itself … Continue reading Mystery House (Flash Fiction)

Magic Show (Flash Fiction)

Brian stepped out like a king to his peasants as the mother hosting the party introduced him. He strode into the small living room with bold mystique and narrowed his eyes when he saw the look on the children's faces, their eyes wide and bulging from their heads. He stopped precisely in the center of … Continue reading Magic Show (Flash Fiction)

The Dumpster (Flash Fiction)

The rain fell solemnly as a man quickly tossed a plastic bag into the dumpster. The hard lid fell back onto the dented metal with a slam. The jarring sound was how the dumpster uttered its forgiveness to mankind for its wasteful nature. Its role of satisfying the need for things to be out of … Continue reading The Dumpster (Flash Fiction)