I Drove By (Flash Fiction)

I passed by your place this afternoon while on business. I honestly didn't recognize where I was at the time. You know how driving can be when you're just going along and looking at the clouds graying the sky and focused on nothing at all. But then the road went through a small bend and … Continue reading I Drove By (Flash Fiction)

The Dragon (Flash Fiction)

He clambers from his lair when the sun is low and the day done, after the village folk have endured their labor and lost their spark, their fight. Stones grind against his shoulders and dust clouds away from his nostrils as his struggles from his cave. He huffs as he goes and purges the tunnel … Continue reading The Dragon (Flash Fiction)

Drag Race (Flash Fiction)

Bob had been riding his Vespa scooter for nearly six weeks before the encounter he dreaded finally happened. He knew it would happen. It was an eventuality, unavoidable. To be honest, he was somewhat happy he was able to go for as long as he had, but that happiness faded as the rumbling sound of … Continue reading Drag Race (Flash Fiction)

Spinning the Wheels (Flash Fiction)

I went out one afternoon on a hot day when the humidity suffocated all things and the sun drove those with semblance of sanity toward any hint of shade. Mosquitoes hovered about my head as I wandered into the marsh and swampland with no real reason or particular goal in mind. My clothing stuck to … Continue reading Spinning the Wheels (Flash Fiction)

With Regret (Flash Fiction)

It was a long time in the making, this day, this terrible afternoon. Work was grinding away at poor Bob. He knew it. His wife knew it. They were trying to just dig down and get through. Sometimes you've gotta endure a little rain before the clouds move on again. Their financial situation wasn't great, … Continue reading With Regret (Flash Fiction)

Barn Cats (Flash Fiction)

Brian peeked in the rear-view mirror and smiled. Just as he had planned, his daughter had fallen asleep in the backseat. Her head swayed left and right as the car wound through the turns of the foothills. He reached over and tangled his fingers into his wife's hand. They continued on their way in silence, … Continue reading Barn Cats (Flash Fiction)

Oh, the Blood (Flash Fiction)

Bob was jolted from his dark dream when the prison door swung open with a high-pitched squeal, like a metallic pig being gutted. The hellish light from the furnace in the next room blinded his eyes, eyes swollen from beatings and lack of sleep, and panged his head so that he quickly shut his eyes … Continue reading Oh, the Blood (Flash Fiction)

Stay or Go (Flash Fiction)

As the machines hooked to his body began to alarm and nurses rushed in to respond, Bob felt his spirit lift ever so lightly from his body. While he drifted above the room, the torrent of pain that imprisoned him in his own flesh faded. He looked with eyes that could see once more, free … Continue reading Stay or Go (Flash Fiction)

Back to the Island (Flash Fiction)

It was a tragedy that became a miracle, or so all the talk shows that Bob appeared on said. The country and the world were eyes on when the terrible accident occurred, when an international flight fell from the skies over the balmy waters of Indonesia and disintegrated into the ocean. Twelve different countries searched … Continue reading Back to the Island (Flash Fiction)