I'm still wrestling over Chapter 15. The second draft has a lot of highlights and breaks and splitting dialogue options... it's essentially become an angry squid that I'm trying to pin down. Whatever happens, I won't be posting it tonight. Ideally, I get it managed tonight and then post Monday after rereading it with fresh … Continue reading 15


Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

It's just another Tuesday afternoon on the I-5 south when he decides to drop by. Nothing fancy. No dramatic entrance. He slips in calm and easy like a sleepy breeze and settles in next to me. And though I can feel a shift in mortality inside of my car, a sudden awareness if you will, … Continue reading Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

Far to the North (Chapter 14)

(Sorry if any typos got in, my eyes started bleeding... really wanted to post this tonight before another work week started)   After a short and quiet walk away from Hemmett and the broken telegraph line, Anna and Wynn emerge from the snow laden forest and into Nil with the feeling of accidentally discovering a … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 14)

Careless (Flash Fiction)

Distant light kisses a dark horizon and leaves its cheeks flush with a pink hue. Slowly, color floods into a cloudless sky. Another day begins anew. And down below, beneath stars winking away and hiding from the light, a stretch of sand endures wave after wave from a relentless sea. With the day comes warmth, … Continue reading Careless (Flash Fiction)

Tiny Update

With my new work schedule and newly discovered weekends, writing has hit an unintended (though slightly expected) snag. Mostly, my hopes of writing in the evening after work haven't come through. I've had zero interest in doing anything really, and most nights I'm in bed and reading before 9. Not gonna lie, it's been pretty … Continue reading Tiny Update

Far to the North (Chapter 13)

Anna and Hemmett stand together beside a narrow road. Burly pine trees, fully clothed in ice and snow, surround them as though they’re unwelcomed intruders. Above, gray clouds swell with ill intent. Buried in silence, they listen for the sound of coming travelers. “What does it mean?” Anna asks. “The line being cute.” Hemmett scowls … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 13)

Far to the North (Chapter 12)

“Hey,” Hemmett says. “You ready?” Anna looks over her shoulder at him, not turning her body away from the view in front of her. Seeing a distant longing in her eye, Hemmett pauses. “They’re leaving now. We should get going too. Our walk will be harder without the luxury of the road.” Anna nods. “Okay. … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 12)

Far to the North (Chp 11)

“ArrrrroooOOO!” Anna bolts up from her bedroll with a gasp. Eyes wide and heart pounding, she stares at the inside of her canvas tent with a certainty that all is coming to an end. Wilder is trampling through the campsite in a frothing rage, stampeding in her direction with head down and horns ready. His … Continue reading Far to the North (Chp 11)