Memories from Hats (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: He was nervous, and with good reason. Time Square bustled in a bad way. Cold rain, bombarded by the bright lights of advertisements, fell from a dark sky and onto people with no interest being there in the first place. Feet darted over deep puddles in exchange for landing in … Continue reading Memories from Hats (Writing Prompt)

The Window (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: “Is this it?” Michael asked. His father’s eyes rolled over the scene as though he were reading a book of his own personal history. The scent of dust lingered in the air, dust and concrete and neglect. His father shuffled forward a few steps, and the pebbles crunched under his … Continue reading The Window (Writing Prompt)

Shells on Sand (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: He simply could not look away from the beautiful creature so full of life and love that chose to join him on the shore. Her splashing toes and sexy legs dashing from chasing waves, blonde hair flying in the cool air. He snuck seashells one by one when she wasn't … Continue reading Shells on Sand (Writing Prompt)

Angels Fallen (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: Abaddon ascended the sloped hillside with steps of savoring, around him, a constant buzz of locusts. A guttural sound flowed from him as he laughed to himself. Thick clouds, black and swollen with rain, hurried by as if attempting to escape the scene. In their panic, they pulled a wake … Continue reading Angels Fallen (Writing Prompt)

Nine Colors (Writing Prompt)

Here is the prompt from Reddit: My eyes crept open to the morning dawn and saw the coming light. Hints of indigo soaked into the cloudless sky and ushered away the night. The air was cool on my face, and my skin and clothes were covered in drops of dew. I was being kissed … Continue reading Nine Colors (Writing Prompt)

Mr. Knife (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: I didn’t notice it at first. Reality had swam so easily into the dream, like drops of blood into water, that when I crossed the gap from surreal subconscious back into a waking mind, the sound seemed natural. But as I came to, the suppression shattered the illusion. Whoever was … Continue reading Mr. Knife (Writing Prompt)

A Notebook in the Park (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit:https: // With the cold wind of fall snapping at his overcoat, Henry rested his dying bones on the park bench. Placing his cane beside him, he tugged his coat tight around his chest as the angry gust continued. Yellow leaves danced across the asphalt paths winding through maple trees, and the … Continue reading A Notebook in the Park (Writing Prompt)

The Sea Follows (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: She stood on the white sands of an empty and watched the clouds darken to the north. West, the sun fell low on the horizon and bathed the sides of those swelling clouds in orange and purple, as if trying to lessen their intent, but the black underbellies could not … Continue reading The Sea Follows (Writing Prompt)

Endless Cycle (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: My heavy eyes opened fully, and I saw my dearest doctor there with me. Her ballpoint pen, heavy and expensive, rolled across the page on her clipboard. Lord knew what she wrote for she never told me and I feared to ask. I wanted to, of course, but to what … Continue reading Endless Cycle (Writing Prompt)