The Old Lady Next Door (Writing Prompt)

I finally stumbled on a Writing Prompt that clicked for me (after weeks of casually searching).  Hope you enjoy it. From Reddit:   I still remember the first night I ever really saw her, the night I call the beginning of her oddities. I was in the kitchen grabbing another beer and it was … Continue reading The Old Lady Next Door (Writing Prompt)

A Rainy Day (Writing Prompt)

From reddit: Warm blankets on a Saturday. A gray morning that comes in casually, glances through a window, and quietly passes. She rolls, stretches, and feels the softness of wool on her skin. There's no alarm to respond to, no reason to rush. Idle thoughts pass through, orderly, one by one, and not a single … Continue reading A Rainy Day (Writing Prompt)

The Last Harvest (Image Prompt) It happened under whirring servos and gray clouds, and it happened without ceremony or celebration. Together, hydraulic fluid and blood spilled onto the snow, fresh and white and clean, like the passing of a torch. And that was that. One screamed in terror while another executed lines of code in silence. Lifeform extinct. Program … Continue reading The Last Harvest (Image Prompt)

Shopping (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: In a daze, she pulls a cart from the tangled lot, and metal crashes down as it breaks free. Slowly walking into the store, she leans on her elbows, and the empty cart wheelies under her weight. She wonders why she bothered grabbing one at all. There’s no need for … Continue reading Shopping (Writing Prompt)

Death and the Doctor (Writing Prompt)

The link from Reddit: On a dull afternoon and with little fanfare, he slipped away. Dying met few of his expectations. In many ways, its simplicity made life itself and the fear of losing it a disappointment. Only a handful of memories flipped by in random order and of nothing particular: washing the car with … Continue reading Death and the Doctor (Writing Prompt)

The Mist (Writing Prompt)

The link from Reddit: The mist came in the late night, just before the dawn. Its evil flowed over the hillside and soaked into the woods, the leaves, the stones and streams. Its fringe carried with it an unnatural cold, something vile and wet that found its way into your bones like moisture working … Continue reading The Mist (Writing Prompt)

Off the Train (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: I always sit two rows back so I can watch her without really seeing her and her never seeing me. She sits with a leg up and her hand hanging off a bended knee. Her fingers dance to music I cannot hear, but it’s probably a piano piece. It must … Continue reading Off the Train (Writing Prompt)

Lady In Red (Writing Prompt)

This prompt is based on an image. The link from Reddit: I've chosen not to post the image itself as I have not asked for permission. You can see it via the Reddit link. The link to the artist's website (please visit, cool stuff):   When I was boy, father spoke to me … Continue reading Lady In Red (Writing Prompt)

A Medium Translation (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: The woman took apprehensive steps into the single-wide trailer. When she closed the door behind her, the bell hanging from the door jingled again. The harmless sound startled her. Cynthia looked up from her reading, another pulp romance novel, and saw her newest customer. She was tall and thin. Everything … Continue reading A Medium Translation (Writing Prompt)

Unsent Letters (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit: I’ve stopped again, although this time I managed half a page. I don’t know why I bothered though. It’s half a page of nonsense, of my talking about the sky. I’ve been obsessed with the clouds lately. I’ve been looking up and seeing them and wondering what they think when … Continue reading Unsent Letters (Writing Prompt)