Something… (Part 8 – Conclusion)

(Longer than the other parts, but I wanted to wrap it up today) Kent Lewis pulled up to the Swanson residence with his emergency lights on but the siren off. As those red lights pulsed along the side of the house, the porch light flicked on and Gus Holcomb came sprinting out, as close to … Continue reading Something… (Part 8 – Conclusion)

Something… (Part 7)

There was a violent thrashing in the house. Peggy stood at the top of the stairs with her eyes wide and her shotgun firmly gripped. Her hands trembled, and she had to force her finger off the trigger to stop herself from shooting accidentally. Below, in the swimming dark, glass shattered and wood splintered. Something … Continue reading Something… (Part 7)

Something… (Part 6)

Gus Holcomb turned the wheel of his cruiser and pulled onto the dirt drive that led to Dale Swanson’s place. The smooth asphalt was replaced by rough washboards carved into the hard ground, and he felt his body jiggle with fat. His headlights illuminated the corn rows and reminded him of a congregation gathered for … Continue reading Something… (Part 6)

Something… (Part 5)

Dale’s ears were ringing, and the shotgun trembled in his hand. From the chaos that had happened, the snarling brawl that raged in the corn, him unloading every shell waiting in the gun's cold belly, and the deafening silence and total blackness that followed, only one thought occupied his mind. Reload. His hand dug into … Continue reading Something… (Part 5)

Something… (Part 4)

With the first clang of the bell on the rotary phone, Cynthia Holcomb was awake. During her 32 years of work as a secretary, her ear had become dreadfully attuned to the sound of ringing phones. She took pride in her ability to respond quickly to calls, and her boss demanded that pride throughout each … Continue reading Something… (Part 4)

Something… (Part 1)

(Kindly forgive my typos. I'm writing and posting) Rural Ohio, 1982 Dale's eyes rolled open, and he lay on his back staring at the dark ceiling. From the forefront of his mind, a dream of heat and pain fled to the depths of his subconscious. He swallowed and rolled to his side, pulling the sheet … Continue reading Something… (Part 1)