I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and has pleasant plans for New Year's (whatever those plans may be). I've been slacking on posting again. It seems to be in my nature. Of course, I'll use the holidays as an excuse. They're the obvious scapegoat for now. Two more chapters are coming soon. Both are … Continue reading Holidays


Going Forward

After taking the summer off to spend time with the family while my son was out of school... and then taking three more months off via being lazy, I've finally figured out what I want to do in regards to writing. Short version: I want to write, and I want to give people something to … Continue reading Going Forward

In Regards to Flash Fiction (and other things)

Over the last week or so I've made several attempts to write up a flash fiction, and while some ideas have come along, nothing has made it through my normal process entirely. I have a couple drafts done, but when I read them, I dislike them. They seem flat. Typical. A bit mundane. I normally … Continue reading In Regards to Flash Fiction (and other things)