Words n Such

Fair warning: this will be entirely random. I'm getting over the flu. Hooray. Better to get over than come down with, I suppose, but the last 24 hours have been a bit rough. Our home is one of unity though. My wife has been gracious enough to acquire herself a cold so that we may … Continue reading Words n Such


Last week had me traveling across the country for work, from west coast to east coast. While most of those days were fairly involved and ended quietly with dinner and returning to the room, one afternoon allowed just enough time to facilitate a quick trip into New York City with one goal in mind: One … Continue reading NYC


I'm still wrestling over Chapter 15. The second draft has a lot of highlights and breaks and splitting dialogue options... it's essentially become an angry squid that I'm trying to pin down. Whatever happens, I won't be posting it tonight. Ideally, I get it managed tonight and then post Monday after rereading it with fresh … Continue reading 15