Very little writing happening lately, not gonna lie. The first draft of all the chapters are all there. I've done some second draft work on the next one to be posted, but writing has quickly taken a backseat to life and family and friends. I'm sure you all understand. I can't begin to explain how … Continue reading Summer



I Was out of town last weekend and unable to get a bulk of my writing done. Home this weekend with not much going on. Gonna mash that keyboard for another chapter.


I'm still wrestling over Chapter 15. The second draft has a lot of highlights and breaks and splitting dialogue options... it's essentially become an angry squid that I'm trying to pin down. Whatever happens, I won't be posting it tonight. Ideally, I get it managed tonight and then post Monday after rereading it with fresh … Continue reading 15

Tiny Update

With my new work schedule and newly discovered weekends, writing has hit an unintended (though slightly expected) snag. Mostly, my hopes of writing in the evening after work haven't come through. I've had zero interest in doing anything really, and most nights I'm in bed and reading before 9. Not gonna lie, it's been pretty … Continue reading Tiny Update