Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

It's just another Tuesday afternoon on the I-5 south when he decides to drop by. Nothing fancy. No dramatic entrance. He slips in calm and easy like a sleepy breeze and settles in next to me. And though I can feel a shift in mortality inside of my car, a sudden awareness if you will, … Continue reading Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

Careless (Flash Fiction)

Distant light kisses a dark horizon and leaves its cheeks flush with a pink hue. Slowly, color floods into a cloudless sky. Another day begins anew. And down below, beneath stars winking away and hiding from the light, a stretch of sand endures wave after wave from a relentless sea. With the day comes warmth, … Continue reading Careless (Flash Fiction)

The Dead Servant (Flash Fiction)

He reaches the end of the hall with slowing steps of trepidation. Tired torches burn from their sconces, the stone walls behind them charred from years of smoke and fire. With his footfalls echoing down the long corridor, he knows before he turns, before he sees, that the door just around the corner will be … Continue reading The Dead Servant (Flash Fiction)

Imperfect Meetings (Flash Fiction)

The moments are rare, but he tries. With effort and heart and dire determination, he pushes beyond five dollars mailed inside of birthday cards, beyond a quick video chat to shout out, "Hi!". He arrives for a designated weekend, a rare appearance after missing many for reasons he can never understand or describe. He shows, … Continue reading Imperfect Meetings (Flash Fiction)

Captain Muscleman (Flash Fiction)

The last of them shuffles in, their three-piece suits disheveled, their movements hurried and anxious. Wooden chair legs bark against the floor as they fill in the missing spaces around an old billiards table. A single light hangs above the green felt, illuminating gold rings and expensive watches. Tired eyes look across to each other. … Continue reading Captain Muscleman (Flash Fiction)

Doorsteps (Flash Fiction)

She sighs and takes another long drink from her Seagram's and seven. Ice clinks in the glass as she presses it to her lips and swallows and swallows and swallows. It's another mix almost gone in one simple session, and they both pretend not to notice. "Tonight?" she asks. "Really?" He doesn't look up. His … Continue reading Doorsteps (Flash Fiction)

Rescinding (Flash Fiction)

Death. But not the fearful kind. Not the kind that Hollywood instills in young minds, the kind where the doomed soul goes screaming down the hallway, clawing and scratching, fingernails rolling back against the hardwood floor in terrified strain. Not the kind where the screen fills with crimson and black and horrible dread comes crushing … Continue reading Rescinding (Flash Fiction)

Suspended (Flash Fiction)

She passes through automatic doors, exchanging dated linoleum for dingy concrete, and steps into the sun. She squints, glares, recognizes the pain flashing her eyes, but disregards it. The pain is a nuisance, a mild form of what he is already experiencing. Somewhere, knives are cutting. Machines monitor heart rate and blood pressure. Fluorescent lights … Continue reading Suspended (Flash Fiction)