Far to the North (Chapter 2)

As a train whistle pierces the air, coiled fingers release from a handrail with trepidation. Having reached her final stop, Anna Holt descends onto a landing platform tarnished by snow and ice. Old boards creak beneath her steps while departing passengers shift around her like schools of fish avoiding a nearby predator. Their quick glances … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 2)


Far to the North (Chapter 1)

(It's just me, so kindly forgive any typos you come across. I've done my best to hunt them down and kill them all... Hope you enjoy the story. Lots more to come.) “Careful then. Hold the light up, love.” She does so, raising the lantern higher. The cave’s insatiable darkness presses against yellow light while … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 1)