Still Alive

And still jamming my weekends full of things not related to writing. I'd like to say I feel guilty about it, but I honestly don't. My son is at the age where he thinks I'm awesome, so I'm going to take full advantage of his confused state while I can. School starts again soon. We'll … Continue reading Still Alive


Very little writing happening lately, not gonna lie. The first draft of all the chapters are all there. I've done some second draft work on the next one to be posted, but writing has quickly taken a backseat to life and family and friends. I'm sure you all understand. I can't begin to explain how … Continue reading Summer

Far to the North (Chapter 16)

An arctic hare bounds through loose snow and darts beneath hanging rock. Pausing in the night, it hears a shrill cry. Beady eyes go wide while large ears twitch to discern the threat and location. Another cry comes, louder and longer, and the hare scrambles from the cave opening to seek shelter in nearby bushes. … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 16)

Far to the North (Chapter 15)

Hinges squeal with foreboding as the three Walkers step into the inn. Tilda looks on with dire eyes from behind the bar in the corner. The lantern hanging above captures her foul mood. No greeting is extended. No drinks are offered. In this moment, camaraderie is of no importance to her—only the completing of this … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 15)


I'm still wrestling over Chapter 15. The second draft has a lot of highlights and breaks and splitting dialogue options... it's essentially become an angry squid that I'm trying to pin down. Whatever happens, I won't be posting it tonight. Ideally, I get it managed tonight and then post Monday after rereading it with fresh … Continue reading 15

Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

It's just another Tuesday afternoon on the I-5 south when he decides to drop by. Nothing fancy. No dramatic entrance. He slips in calm and easy like a sleepy breeze and settles in next to me. And though I can feel a shift in mortality inside of my car, a sudden awareness if you will, … Continue reading Death Says Hello (Flash Fiction)

Far to the North (Chapter 14)

(Sorry if any typos got in, my eyes started bleeding... really wanted to post this tonight before another work week started)   After a short and quiet walk away from Hemmett and the broken telegraph line, Anna and Wynn emerge from the snow laden forest and into Nil with the feeling of accidentally discovering a … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 14)

Careless (Flash Fiction)

Distant light kisses a dark horizon and leaves its cheeks flush with a pink hue. Slowly, color floods into a cloudless sky. Another day begins anew. And down below, beneath stars winking away and hiding from the light, a stretch of sand endures wave after wave from a relentless sea. With the day comes warmth, … Continue reading Careless (Flash Fiction)