Last week had me traveling across the country for work, from west coast to east coast. While most of those days were fairly involved and ended quietly with dinner and returning to the room, one afternoon allowed just enough time to facilitate a quick trip into New York City with one goal in mind: One … Continue reading NYC

The Standard Struggle

Hey, remember me? I'm that guy that keeps saying he's going to write more chapters and then doesn't post anything for weeks at a time! Yeah. So that's been happening. Honestly, I'd love to slog on for a few paragraphs about my epic struggle with living life and trying to find time to write, but … Continue reading The Standard Struggle

Far to the North (Chp 17)

Snow flurries trickle down from a gray sky, the flakes dancing and swerving in the early morning in search of new homes. Some join enclaves of powder clinging to the branches of bushy pines. Others settle onto a vast expanse of white, forest floor. A select few find their way onto a sled covered with … Continue reading Far to the North (Chp 17)

Far to the North (Chapter 16)

An arctic hare bounds through loose snow and darts beneath hanging rock. Pausing in the night, it hears a shrill cry. Beady eyes go wide while large ears twitch to discern the threat and location. Another cry comes, louder and longer, and the hare scrambles from the cave opening to seek shelter in nearby bushes. … Continue reading Far to the North (Chapter 16)