Present to Past to Doubt

Far to the North continues to be “done” (still needs a cover), but I’ve managed to conjure a new delay for myself.

It’s a skill, honestly.

The most consistent piece of feedback I’ve gotten from those who have read this story is that it being written in the present tense is off-putting. I don’t agree with that opinion, personally. I’ve read a couple novels written in the present tense and they didn’t bother me one bit, but unfortunately for me, the reader’s opinion is the one that ultimately matters here. If I’m going to release this book for sale (I am), then I need to release it in its best state (I eventually will). If that means rewriting the whole damn to alter tense, so be it.

I took the liberty of changing a chapter and sending it out to see what kind of impression it gets. On one hand, if it’s a resounding improvement, that’s ultimately a win… right? And if it makes no difference, then I’ve saved myself a ton of time. Let’s fudge the difference and call it a win-win.

Of course, the prospect and rewriting an entire novel wouldn’t be complete without a sudden onset of doubt, a feeling that the entire endeavor is a giant waste of everyone’s time and that the book is doomed to fail regardless of the effort that’s put into it, right?

No wonder I love writing so much.

A small bright spot of news is that I finally started working on the next book, Hushups and McBobbins. I’d been forcing myself to not touch it as completing Far to the North is the priority, but to hell with that rule. It’s idiotic to refuse an urge to write, so if the desire is there, I’m gonna let it flow.

Stay safe out there.

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