Nuclear Winter

I won’t rant on this too long. Everyone knows about the fires burning in California by now, and my situation is worlds better than those who are losing homes, loved ones, so on. But I did want to share my own experience via a few photos. Long story short, all of this smoke really sucks. Save for a handful of days in the last month or so, it has not relented, and it’s getting old. Just as the fires near my home calmed down, more flared up elsewhere and started dumping smoke into the Central Valley.

Here is a lovely afternoon sunset on a clear day. Stunning, yes?

There are foothills a few miles out, foothills you can normally see even on the haziest of days. Here’s another shot where I was lucky enough to see some hint of color from the sun.

The only silver lining to this constant gray is that we’re experiencing a mini ‘nuclear winter’ so to speak. Weather forecasts have been telling us to expect upper 90s for heat, but with all this smoke, it’s common for us to come in about ten degrees lower.

Good ol’ 2020 just keeps on being awesome.

Book progress continues. An October release of Far to the North still seems reasonable (or so I believe).

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