Though it isn’t something I have strong feelings about (I’ve never been one for celebrating birthdays), I suppose I should take the time to mention that I recently struck the age of 40. To celebrate, I packed the family into the car and headed to the San Diego area for a few days of living on the beach. This little plan coincided well with a heat wave hitting our place of residence, so we landed in that sweet spot known as ‘win-win’ territory. San Diego is always beautiful, even more so when your own neighborhood is directly under siege from the sun.

I won’t yammer on about it other than to say it was a great few days of being on the beach, and now that I’m home, it’s time to make that final push on Far to the North. I’d like for the book to be ready by the beginning of October. That gives me about 6 weeks to finish up the remaining tasks (incorporating line edits, formatting, creating a cover and uploading), a reasonable goal. I’ll post progress updates as they happen. Until then, enjoy a sunset shot I nabbed with my cell phone from the bluffs of Solana Beach.



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