Wrapping Up the Year

Just a quick check-in for today. I’ve rewritten my opening sentence about four times now, so I’m taking that as a sign that my mind is not in a writing mood. Not surprising, given the state of the country these days, but I already digress.

With August on the doorstep, I have a few more weeks of squeezing in some summer fun before work ramps up and school schedules make having fun more difficult. After those few weeks, I’ll shift back into writing mode and put the finishing touches on Far to the North. I need to incorporate the edits made by the line editor, learn how to convert to e-book and upload, and I need to create a cover. Not a tremendous amount of work, but it’ll take some time. My absolute deadline is to have this book available before the end of the year, but given that it’s in the horror genre, I’d like to have it done by October and readable in the Halloween time frame. We’ll see.

More updates as they materialize.

Stay safe out there (and sane, if possible)

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