Clouds and Silver Linings

Given everything that’s going on, I feel it’s safe to assume we all know what the ‘cloud’ will be during this little ramble, so I’m opting to skip that portion and jump straight to the silver lining. That being, of course, a newly discovered amount of free time. Free time that has thrown me right back into writing.

I’ve been taking my directed time off as an opportunity to work on the novel, and I’m happy to say that things are going well. I’m doing a third read through now, and I’m pretty satisfied with what I have. Some work still  needs to be done. Description is lacking when it comes to the characters (to be honest, I’ve never cared what the characters looked like). There are weak spots in the writing as well, odd little sentences that need some shoring up. Aside from that, this book is just about done, folks. I like the pacing, the plot, the twists and turns. Current word count is about 125k, so it’s on the short side of the spectrum, but there’s a lot happening. Just a good ol’ fashioned horror story.

I’ll post meaningful updates as they come, but ‘Far to the North’ is well on its way to becoming reality.

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