Words n Such

Fair warning: this will be entirely random.

I’m getting over the flu. Hooray. Better to get over than come down with, I suppose, but the last 24 hours have been a bit rough. Our home is one of unity though. My wife has been gracious enough to acquire herself a cold so that we may suffer together. My son has, so far, dodged the illnesses running rampant in his home. Hopefully he can pull it off.

Snow is falling in Tahoe, much to my rejoicing. The truck has a new set of all-terrains installed, my season’s pass for Sierra at Tahoe is tucked away, and my gear is ready. All that remains is a fresh coat of wax on the skis.

Please drive safely during these holidays. Being stuck in traffic sucks. Getting your car smashed is worse. Wherever you’re going, get there in one piece.

Writing continues to rest in the background. Like anything, it all comes down to my making it part of my schedule. It’ll happen. For now, I’m still quite infatuated with sleeping at night, having weekends off, and spending time with my family.

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