Back (Again)

It seems fitting that after I “announce” my return to writing/finishing my book, I turn around and go on travel for two weeks for work. Now that I’m back, I can return to being back to writing (again). So expect to see more chapters (again). In the meantime, enjoy a couple photos from lovely northern New Mexico. They were taken from my phone, so please don’t expect anything stellar in regards to quality.



Eagle Nest, NM, where I ate a little hole-in-the-wall joint called “Cowboy’s Corner.” It was myself and the owner and this fantastic view, along with a killer Green Chili burger that left me quite satisfied.



On my way to Taos, NM. It’s difficult to see, but on the left is the gorge the Rio Grande flows through.




There is a bridge that goes over the gorge, offering a fantastic view of the Rio Grande and the mountains that lord over Taos. Being a resident of California, I forget how much I love clouds dominating the sky. It was nice experiencing weather again.



Beside the Rio Grande, where my love affair with clouds continues.

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