Very little writing happening lately, not gonna lie. The first draft of all the chapters are all there. I’ve done some second draft work on the next one to be posted, but writing has quickly taken a backseat to life and family and friends. I’m sure you all understand. I can’t begin to explain how nice it’s been not working nights and weekends and having a normal schedule there last few months. Throwing summer into the mix makes it all even more fantastic.

Another problem is that I’m very habitual/momentum based with the things I do. If I know I have upcoming trips where I won’t be able to write for a few weeks, I tend to stop. I don’t like trying to write once every 20-30 days. When I write, I like to do it as consistently as possible.

Anyway, writing is good, but so is living some life. Gotta make those memories when I can. Words will come along eventually. Until then, good times and happy memories.



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