After a pretty wild weekend in Tahoe (blizzard conditions, road closures, chains breaking, and fantastic skiing conditions), I’ve been laid out pretty hard with the flu. Other than going to the clinic and picking up my prescription, this is the first thing I’ve “done” over the last 48 hours. Until now, it’s only been slipping in and out of consciousness on the couch and soaking in the tub.

But I seem to be turning a bit of a corner now, and I’m hopeful that tomorrow night I’ll have enough in me to post another chapter for Far to the North. If not, it’ll have to wait until next week.

If you’re reading this and feeling fine, take a moment to appreciate it. I honestly don’t remember ever being this sick, and I’m ready to go back to feeling normal again.

It was worth it though. Smiles like these are hard to come by.52353291_10218072296068311_8129681507104063488_n.jpg

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