I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and has pleasant plans for New Year’s (whatever those plans may be). I’ve been slacking on posting again. It seems to be in my nature. Of course, I’ll use the holidays as an excuse. They’re the obvious scapegoat for now. Two more chapters are coming soon. Both are pretty short, but it’s something. I’d love to say my New Year’s resolution is to write more consistently, but I don’t know if I’d do that under court order.

I’ve had a few kind souls give feedback on reading the book so far, and I sincerely appreciate it. Knowing there is anyone at all reading these posts is the biggest motivator to keep going. Them liking the story is a nice bonus. I’ll keep chipping away. It all comes down to time. These longer chapters, though already completed as a second draft, take me about 4 hours to post. That’s going through to find all the typos (hopefully), tweak some language and do a last sanity check on the information included. It takes a long time, and there’s no getting around it.

Poor me, right? I’m probably the only writer in the world to have struggled with feelings of not having enough time. I must be so brave to attempt to overcome this hurdle.

So brave.

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