Nine Colors (Writing Prompt)

Here is the prompt from Reddit:

My eyes crept open to the morning dawn and saw the coming light. Hints of indigo soaked into the cloudless sky and ushered away the night. The air was cool on my face, and my skin and clothes were covered in drops of dew. I was being kissed awake by the beauty of nature, and her kisses sank into my clothes and cooled my skin beneath.

When I sat up, my head hurt. So did my stomach, and my mouth was dry. But she provides for me, those little kisses, and I licked some of the leaves laying nearby. The water was sweet, almost tasting of tea. Soft scents filled the air as the morning grew, and I noticed I had slept in a large patch of heather. The violet petals tickled me, and I smiled. Nature once again being so lovely to me.

The morning bore on and moved the darkness away. Shadows snuggled up against the trees. I stood and left the grove and saw not a cloud in the whole of the blue sky. Infinity stretched before me, and I was overjoyed. My heart sang at the sight of such things. I walked on, out from the grove and onto a winding path of concrete. Joggers hurried by with earbuds blaring electronic sounds, and I felt sorry for those who could not see the things I could see.

I continued on and so did time. Hunger still stabbed me, and I saddened from its pains. My pockets were empty. I wandered. My path turned and delivered me unto a small park with slides and swing sets and families smiling and playing. The sun bathed them in warmth, and the lush grass surrounded them like a green sea, so green, forever green. I sat on a nearby bench and took in the heat, took in the scene of love and smiles and forming memories, and my pains of hunger left me. Love it seems, does conquer on things.

I looked up to the sky, to that bold orb of raging yellow, that furious fire which feeds all life, and I smiled. I smiled the heat into my cheeks, and I cried then, although not for any particular thing. It was simply love overflowing from within me. I wiped the tears and sat there for many hours. People came and went. I remained unnoticed, as always, but that’s okay. I’d never want to interfere with such beauty. Smile children, play. Be merry, mothers, and embrace. Look, fathers, at the joy when you lift your children toward that ball of eternal fire. Wonderful, isn’t it? If only it could stay this way forever.

But no, it never can. For the love of the sun is like all things in life, a perpetual cycle, and all things must end. But even an ending can be beautiful, and today’s was no exception. Our source of life fell from the cloudless sky and swooped down into the horizon. Orange light washed across that park and its nearby pond. Some families took their leave while others remained. In particular, was one mother with her child, her only child. God bless her for not consenting to the ending day. Make it perfect, sweet woman. Make it last forever with me.

For you see me now, don’t you? And you’re wondering why it is I’ve come to speak with you. After all, I’ve sworn and I’ve sworn and I’ve sworn to never interfere with beauty again. Life is too short, too precious, too fragile for such things. All forms of life and love must be cherished, must be taken in. But I’ve spoken with you and you’ve frowned and you’ve grown concerned. Perhaps it’s my appearance or my clothes. Perhaps it’s my fondness for your wonderful son. Would he like for me to push him on the swing? No? Would he like for me to throw him toward that burning orb? No. No, you don’t want that and you don’t want me. And I don’t want hunger or thirst or headaches or other terrible things, but you’re running now and you’re ruining this. See your son crying? See the confused look on his face? Yes, that’s your blood. I’m glad you can see it. I’ve elevated to such heights that I can’t see anything. Just the whites of your eyes, and they’re so very white, as I imagine mine are. White and full of delight.

But now red, red is everywhere. It’s on all things. My hands. My jeans—again, apparently. And it’s in his eyes now too, those young and precious things. How they strain and lose clarity when exposed to reality. I tried to calm him, you know? I told him you were fine, mommy’s fine, she’s just resting. There was an accident, sweet child. It’s okay. Can you come here for me? Please don’t cry. I know it’s getting dark and things seem scary. Try to remember the beauty of the day and those wonderful memories the two of you made. You don’t need to cry, red sets all things free. Come here, sweet boy. It’s okay. Be red like mommy and you too will be set free from these pains.

The air is cool, and I’m thankful. I’ve been running. I have to hurry. Parks are never empty. Someone always sees. They always know when someone does something awful and interrupts a beautiful scene. I’ve slipped away into the nearby pond. The still water mirrors the black sky above me, and I can feel nature judging me. She’s upset that I’ve taken something, but I know her ways. She’ll forgive me—she always does—and she’ll wake me again in the morning with cold kisses of dew on my cheeks.

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