The Sea Follows (Writing Prompt)

The prompt from Reddit:

She stood on the white sands of an empty and watched the clouds darken to the north. West, the sun fell low on the horizon and bathed the sides of those swelling clouds in orange and purple, as if trying to lessen their intent, but the black underbellies could not be hidden, and small flashes of light sent dull rumbles through the air. The wind snapped her raven hair across her face, but she made no motion to stop the frenzy. The warm ocean lapped at her feet in consolation, now ankle deep in the sand, but it brought no solace.

With folded arms, she watched the clouds to the north and knew the sails she would never see.

When the rain began to fall, fat drops that slapped her skin, a servant girl ran to retrieve her from the edge of the shore. She tugged at her master’s arms, but the woman refused to move, barely acknowledging the young girl’s presence.

“M’lady, please!” the young girl begged. “A frightful storm approaches. We must seek shelter!”

But the words were distant, lost, like those swallowed by the darkening horizon. The rain fell harder, soaking their clothes and wetting their hair until water streamed from pointed strands. The servant girl, distraught by the weather, remained dutifully by her master’s side.

The sun fell into the ocean, and the darkness of the storm took the world. The ocean churned, and flashes of lightning filled the sky.

The young girl drew near to her master, one of obstinance and strength, as each crack of thunder pushed her fearfully toward the woman’s arms like a child to a mother. The storm surged, and the waves crashed into their knees. “M’lady Catherine, please,” she pleaded. “What troubles you so?”

Catherine hooked an arm around the frightened girl and drew her close, but kept her eyes to the black horizon. She stared on, knowing no sails would be spotted. No ship could survive. “What vengeance does Poseidon harbor for me?” she asked. “What actions has riled such hatred that he should claim now three husbands of mine?”

The servant girl shuttered in Catherine’s arms. “My dearest Mrs. Catherine, don’t say such things. Surely your beloved will return home soon. The Lord above protects him so.”

“No, my sweet girl,” said Catherine as the wind lashed and the ocean heaved. Her face was hard and still. “No man survives things such as these, and it seems God has given allowance to those lesser than Him.” A surging wave crashed down around them and nearly knocked the two women down. The young girl clung to Catherine in fear as the ocean tried to steal them from the shore. When safe, she broke free of her master’s arm and fled screaming.

Catherine stood in defiance of the storm, still speaking. “In all places I venture to secure my heart, the world only takes it from me.” A crack of lightning flashed overhead, and Catherine caught one final glimpse of the raging storm. “Where I go, the sea follows.”


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