Good ol’ holidays

It occurred to me this morning that even I haven’t been to my site in weeks. It seems the cobwebs are piling up a bit.

That’s fine. I’ve never really been bothered by cobwebs.

I expect the silence to sustain for now. Lots going on in the ‘real world’ portion of life. I recently bought a house and moved in. The holidays are in full affect. However, despite all the distractions, I’ve still found time to chip away at the book I’m working on. I’m taking a bit of a break now, but I’ll pick it back up in January again. Although it adds time to the production (this book is taking forever), it’s nice to go over previous material with fresh eyes. I notice things I glosses over before.

I hope all is well on the other side of the screen (with you, fair reader). If you’re traveling this holiday season, be safe and—well… good luck.

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