Writing Struggles

Several months ago I declared a break from Flash Fiction and shortly thereafter ruined every good writing habit I established over at least a year of solid writing.


One main driver behind this decision was my taking a new position at work that required a lot of training. This training has been (and continues to be as I near the end of it, almost six months worth so far) mentally exhausting. It tends to leave me in a state where I really don’t want to process a critical thought during my time off. Also, because of my days being much busier now than they were before, I’m not left with any free time during the workday to ponder writing. I’m also getting home later.

I write this because tonight is yet another night of those circumstances. I have an idea that’s been stored for five days now that I’ve been meaning to crank out. The idea is fully formed and only needs to be written, but my capacity is once again gone. The desire isn’t, but the time and energy are.

What this really means is not only do I need to rebuild my habits from before, but I need to do so on an entirely new writing schedule during my off time. I dread to say that no more are the evenings of writing a flash fiction before trotting off to bed, but that seems to be the case, at least for now. So be it. It’s not a big deal, but something I need to realize (and verbalize in order to cement in my head).

That’s the short of it. My urge to return to writing exists in the way it needs to. Now I need to alter my life around that need. Ultimately, that’s probably a good thing. For years and years writing has sort of nagged at me, pursued me. I’ll take it as a good sign that I’m now starting to chase after it for once.

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