Car Crashes

I noticed my last few Flash Fictions have unknowingly followed a sort of theme, that being something involving major automobile accidents. So, some insight.

Like many unfortunate human beings on this planet, I commute to work. My commute is pretty mild compared to what most people have to endure, but it was recently made worse with the closure of a main thoroughfare being closed for two months for construction. Now I’m forced to funnel down a different route with others who are obviously in the same situation.

For those who don’t know, I live somewhere near the bay area, and the people out here drive like psychotic fucking clowns. Never in my life, even when doing a lot of driving in southern California, have I seen such a concentration of rage-fueled assholes. The new route I take puts their ridiculousness on full display.

Construction over my old route is expected to last through August, so I get to suck it up and deal with it, but I’ll hope you’ll forgive me if the theme of someone dying in a vehicle comes up again, as it’s very much a part of my life right now.

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