Small Break

With my recent decision to stop work on my current book and begin again on a new one in order to give it am honest effort from beginning to end, I’ve been reading a lot more, both fiction and instructional. This desire to read when I get home from work at night has more or less put a mental block in my mind for writing. So, for now, I’m allowing myself to be on a break. I don’t really know what that means other than I won’t write flash fiction as often as I normally do. Not to say that I won’t be writing at all, but I need to give myself space otherwise I feel like I’m failing (as weird as that may sound).

So yeah. A little less writing for the near future. I really wanna have a book self-pubbed by the end of the year. Really really. Gonna keep the focus on that for now.

If I find a burst of inspiration, great. I’ll write on it.

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