I’ve made the decision to stop working on my Evil Little Cupcakes book. There are a couple reasons for this, but the main is that I didn’t do any prep for the book. As it usually goes, I get so excited about an idea and my enjoyment for writing that I don’t do any work before I start writing. I just go. But by doing that, my story loses strength, I have to come up with detail decisions on the fly, and I don’t know my characters very well. Not good things.

So I’m going to put that piece to the side and begin another one, this time doing to prep work. I don’t get nearly as excited about the prep stuff, but too bad. If I’m going to self-publish books (and I am), then I need to put my best effort into it, from start to finish.

Without giving away any real details, the new project is about a haunted house. The original idea in my mind was funny, but as I think on it, it becomes more and more scary/horror genre.

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