Keep Going

As I work further into my first book, my good friend Mr. Doubt comes and joins me. He’s a good friend in that he’s always there for me, always willing to hear me out and comment on what I think. He provides support in his special little way. There are things he says, a lot of what he says, that I try to push out, but sometimes it’s hard to disagree with Mr. Doubt.

There is a video I stumbled across on Youtube that has given a nice counter to a lot of the points Mr. Doubt tries to make. It’s short and simple.

I’ve taken to watching this everyday before I write. Not because I feel encouraged or inspired or anything so greeting-cardy, but because I like the idea of working through this barrier that exists for me. It’s like anything, if you just keep going, you’ll get there. You may not get there the way you wanna get there, with as much style or grace or even as soon as you’d hoped, but you’ll get there. So just keep going.

So I keep going. And even when I finish this book, I won’t “get there” because getting there is more than finishing a book. It’s more than finishing ten books or selling tons of copies or anything like that. For me, getting there will be a sense of true satisfaction toward something I wrote. That will be my greatest day.

In other news, I’m reading American Psycho and I absolutely love it.

Time for some more writing.

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