Book Progress for January

Evil Little Cupcakes continues along. I think I’m about 10k words in or so, something like that. I’m keeping a decent pace, and my dear friends who have volunteered to beta read for me have been giving great feedback. It’s so amazing to have people willing to do that. And not only that, but do it well. Feedback is huge, and I’ve already made some substantial alterations to the story because of it, all for the better. Good things.

So the goal of getting this thing done before the end of the year is on track. 10k words in the first month is solid. I’d love to get more in, but it’s hard with a full time job and a family and a habit of playing video games. I’m also working roughly 100 hours over the next nine days, so that pretty much wraps up writing in January. But I’m happy. Good progress is being made, and I feel like I’ve built a little momentum.

Hopefully I can sneak in some flash fictions over the next week.

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