Book Update

I continue to churn away, churn away…

Some days are better than others. I’m pushing into Chapter 5 and have met some sort of evolutionary state of mind where all things need changing, fine tuning, adjusting, altering. I turn dials, fidget with knobs, swing large levers. Characters appear, change shape and form, disappear, re-appear in an altered state, swing wildly from Republican or Democrat, Vegan to blood-soaked meat eater.

Well, nothing that dramatic.

I’m in it though, in the storm. It’s a peculiar thing to me, to seriously sit down and write a book and make it as well as I can. There are desires that I have, goals I wish to meet, and the story just goes off on its own like a child on a bicycle in an open field beset with mud puddles and wild flowers and jagged rock hazards when all you want is for the untrained rider to stay with the path. You holler, but off they go. The backspace has a saving grace of acting like bungee cord and snapping them back to the beginning again where you carefully explain the desired direction and speed to take. They nod, smile, pretend to agree, then… off and away.

But I’m hopeful. There are bits I’ve removed that I love but do not fit. Any idea, no matter how great, is not a great idea if it doesn’t fit. Drinking a beer is a great idea. Drinking a beer at your DMV driver’s test does not fit, hence, the idea must be relocated to another place. And so, while I certainly have a lot of work ahead of me (I’m writing this to stall from doing said work), I feel good about not being blinded by my own ideas (I hope) and that I’m serving the story as well as I can to make the book as strong as it can.

The goal still remains, finish and self-publish Evil Little Cupcakes by the end of the year.

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