The trip to Maui was great, as I’m sure any of you can imagine. We did lots of stuff while also keeping the week mellow and relaxing. It was a great time with great friends. I think my personal highlights were swimming with the seas turtles and pushing my wife’s longboard into the waves so she could surf for the first time. It helps that she has a nice ass.

There were pictures taken and GoPro footage captured, but I don’t want to spam this blog with all of that. This ain’t Facebook. Hell, I’m not even going to post anything on Facebook. For whatever reason, I enjoy keeping trips to myself, a little secret shared between myself and those who were there. Special memories. But, there is one image that works well in capturing how that week in Maui felt, so I’ll share that one.


My wife grabbed this pic of me on her phone, and it pretty much says it all.

This beach was where we swam with our first turtle. He popped his head up while we were unfogging our masks and fiddling with the GoPro, a discovery of pure chance. We took pursuit and he glided along under the water with ease while we kicked and panted and tried to keep pace. The footage we snagged was great, close up shots of the turtle alone and further shots of our swimming next to it.

This trip tugged at something lurking deep beneath the surface for me. It was an example of what life could be, should you choose it to, rather than what it must be. I did a lot of staring out the window of the plane on the way home, especially as we came over the coast of California. The dirty air, the square miles of crammed in homes, the traffic. Quite the contrast from the image above.

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