Writing Excercises

I did some writing exercises today. The goal was to take a very basic sentence and try to shape it into as many variances as I could come up with. It was pretty fun and quite challenging. Here are a couple examples. I don’t mean to post this as “Oh mer gawd, I’m so awesome,” just something that worked well for me in terms of trying to improve my prose and add some spice back into my sentence structure.

The cow jumped over the moon:

The cow, with great repugnance toward his fellow citizens of the barnyard, did don his space helmet, engage his rocket hooves, and place himself into successful orbit about the Earth’s moon.

It has been rumored on several occasions, amongst the dark corners of corrals and weathered saloons where herdsmen gather, that the domesticated bovine, with peaceful nature and fruitful udder, can quite easily and without warning launch itself into the night’s sky to such heights as to exceed the elevation of the moon.

As the hooves dug into the dusty soil, a great leap forming, the mighty cow heaved itself beyond the boundary of science and believability and sent itself to the moon.

Covered in flies and quite tired of relentless pestering from such disgusting insects, a heifer of ingenious intent cast aside its earthly charade and placed itself into the heavens from which it came.

The cow, filled with joy after overhearing the mention of a collection of stars called The Milky Way, took to the sky in a bold leap and quickly found itself beyond the moon.

Mary had a little lamb:

When the police questioned Mary about her ownership of the delicate animal, she refuted it quite forcefully and gave the patient officers quite a stern lesson between the difference of past and present tense.

The tragedy occurred during the great blizzard of ’47, when Mary and her little lamb were caught off guard by the terrible storm, and the white fleece was swallowed forever by growing banks of snow.

Seeing the exchange to be weighted in her favor, Mary happily traded away her pet lamb for a new bicycle with pink tassel.

“Where in holy-hell did that lamb go,” Mary said aloud as she exited the barn with her sheep-sheers.

The tracks in the small pasture were definite, and Mary knew in her heart that the sound she’d thought was only in her dreams was her dear lamb being snatched by a wolf in the night.

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