I’ve let those dastardly little distractions back into my life again. It happens from time to time. I wanted to write tonight, but the topic was pretty dark and I started looking into it more… and then I ran out of time to actually do the writing. But I got experience a different point of view for the evening, and that’s something I always enjoy. It’s nice to put my opinion on the flame and see how much presumptuous crap boils off. Typically, I find that my opinions lack substance.


The distractions of this evening turned out to be pretty helpful. They presented the question, quite plainly, “If you want to write, why don’t you?” My answer is of course laden with excuses and reasons that really pan out when given close examination. But, whatever. I’m not gonna harp on myself anymore. It’s an ineffective game. Instead, I’ll do my best to see my actions for what they are: Laziness and a fear of failure.

The nice thing about distractions is that they’re thin, almost translucent, when you take the time to really look at them. They’re tiny, simple, and meaningless.

I look back at this whole post and feel that it’s mostly worthless. It’s incoherent and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and that’s okay. Taking the time to write 200 words that won;t mean much to anyone to an audience that doesn’t really exist is a good change of pace from the surfing the web or playing about 30 minutes of some video game that I only play because I’m bored. Embracing the words, however nonsensical or poorly arranged, is the goal. It’s the only goal.

They all count.

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