How I Love to Spin in Circles

Well, yet again, I’m changing direction. The Hanging of James Adder, a story I’m very interested in, is being put to the side for now. The simple reason why is that I can’t seem to let myself relax while writing it. I care about it too much. I over analyze everything about it. It has to be perfect, or as close as I can get, and that unreasonable need has made it so that I can barely even write the story. The first draft, various sections of the story, totaled to about 35k words. Almost half of the book. While re-reading it I thought that I could write it a little better. So I rewrote Chapter 1.

Then I rewrote it again.

And then I started on a third draft.

At any rate, without getting too wrapped up in all of my own nonsense again, I need to stop. I’m putting too much pressure on myself and not allowing any fun into the process. Not that I’m adverse to things being hard, I do enjoy a challenge, but there is no point in doing this if I all I do is stress myself out.

So I’m moving on to another story idea that is much more playful, not nearly as dark, and something that I don’t take as seriously. I need room to breathe. Without giving too much away, the story is sort of a zombie spoof, although there are no zombies (technically). The whole book is comedy, silly. Probably ridiculous, although I’d like for it to not get that far. Or maybe I will. That’s the best part about it though. It lets me focus on writing again and not the stress that I seem to pile upon myself. The big problem is that I’m committing one of the cardinal sins of writing, not finishing. 2/2 now on books started that aren’t finished. Gotta break that trend.

Oh, was that a worry that snuck in at the end? Hello, old friend.

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