DMT (Flash Fiction)

(Based on an account, told to me by a good friend, that I will never forget)

The injection stung, but they always do. It’s something, while regrettable, that is part of the experience. It’s best if you have someone you trust do it for you rather than do it yourself. Anything you do to keep the nerves stable is a good thing. As the plunger went down, my body quickly went cold. I felt a thin layer of sweat form over my skin, and my heart rate picked up immediately. Catherine was there, and she held my hand and kissed my face and told me to relax. I listened to her beautiful breath passing in and out next to my ear, and I waited.

I didn’t wait long.

The first thrust that pulled me from my body was a tug, a gentle tug, that lifted me a few inches from the couch. I remember Catherine’s hand squeezing a little tighter as my body jolted. I think she was concerned for me, but I already knew there was nothing to worry about. I floated up just enough to feel suspended, to feel as though I was floating in water. I was still cold, but it was now a proper cold, an intended cold. Like being in a cold pool on a hot day. It was right for it to be that way. Then the warmth came, from the lights, from the sun, from the galaxy, and my entire body began to tingle and melt away. Not melt in the physical sense, but melt into a calm. I melted into true existence.

Then I was yanked away.

A force grabbed me, and I began to travel at speeds beyond comprehension. Faster than light, faster than time itself. I ripped through the galaxy and the universe and breached the edge of expanding space. I flew into the void of darkness that existed beyond the reach of the big bang. In that darkness, that nothing, I traveled faster and further. Even though I had no point of reference, I knew that my speed was ever-increasing. And then I stopped.

I stopped in a place that existed before light and space and time. I existed in the true form that is all of existence. Before me, there were three separate entities. They too existed in the true form, and even though I could not see or hear or feel their presence, I knew them to be there. And they knew I was there as well, for they had called me to them. They spoke to me telepathically, and told me, “This is who you are, this is what you’ve done, and this is what you’ll become if you continue on your path.”

As soon as the message was given to me, I was shot back through all of time and space to my body. The trip back was faster and more violent than the journey that brought me to them. I was slammed into my body, and all I remember is Catherine holding my hand, telling me to relax, telling me it was okay, and my body shaking fiercely. I began to cry, at first because of the disturbing feeling of it all, and then because of the absolute truth I had been told.

I cried and trembled on the couch, and Catherine held my hand.

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