And so on

Last night was the Brit Floyd show, and it was incredible. I really enjoyed myself. The venue was nice and small, the crowd was excited, and I think our seats were about 100 feet from the stage. The whole thing made for one of the best shows I’ve seen. If you’re interested in who Brit Floyd is, they’re an exceptional Pink Floyd cover/tribute band, and this is a good example of what they do:

The wedding we attending was a great time as well. Good friends and good scotch are always enjoyable, especially when there’s a proper reason to celebrate. My wife was kind enough to keep handing me bottles of water, so the hangover that followed the next morning was easily conquered by two pints of Guiness and brunch with the in-laws.

This weekend is more visiting with family, this time my side of the family. We’ll head out to watch the Hangtown Motocross race, something that will be a first for me. I’ve seen plenty of Supercross races, but this is the first outdoor event. I think the boy will enjoy it. Lots of dirt and loud machines jumping over things.

I’m a thousand words into something that seems to be turning into a short story. I think I’ll just see it through ’til the end and then post it. Next week should be a return to normalcy in regards to writing/posting more stories. I miss it.

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