Still Alive

“Busy Season” is on full swing for me, but I’m still here, and the itch to write is needing a good scratch. It’s neat for me to see that after a week or so of doing nothing that the desire digs in rather than fades away. My mind just keeps churning on things in the background. I may be able to kick out a Flash Fiction or two next week. Today is a wedding with some good friends, followed by a good hangover tomorrow. Tuesday is something that has me really excited. Brit Floyd! The dream of seeing Pink Floyd live, a dream I surrendered years ago, is about to come true… at least in some fashion. I’ll take it. If you’ve never heard of Brit Floyd, look them up, especially on Youtube. Then a writer’s group meeting, some more work, a motocross race and visit with family, and then life gets back to normal.

While I look forward to the events, I also like forward to normal. I like normal. It’s quiet and it’s slow and it allows me to write.

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