Lady Winter (Flash Fiction)

She whispers to me in the breeze of dying summer days when the trees are bursting with raging colors against the coming cold. She winks at me with starry nights that are crisp and clear and cause me to pull my coat close. I see her smile of twinkling frost on my morning lawn as the fall stretches on. And then she comes to me.

She runs over the rolling hills with her arms spread wide and a soft smile on her face. Her dress of delicate white lace sprinkles her cold kindness on the land. She covers the wounds of the world with forgiveness and lays a thin veil of forgetfulness over the scars. She comes to my windows and glazes them with the frosty breath of her laugh. She kisses my nose and leaves the tip of it cold as I huddle around my warm cup of tea. I smile while she floats and flutters, touching home upon home, grass and tree. Small wisps of smoke escape from chimneys throughout the village in quiet celebration. The grounds are covered in peaceful white, and the trees shed their final leaves in exchange for coats of snow.

She wraps her loving arms around my home, and I anchor down beside the flame. Birchwood logs smolder and spark while I gaze at her beautiful form. Icicles decorate the banister of my porch. Birds hop and play and leave nonsensical tracks in the snow. The small streams ice over and the fish that live disappear to where only God knows. The son shoves away to make for shorter days and leaves the sky at the mercy of her playful whims.

Her blanket of cold muffles the air and stills the sounds, and all of the world is held captive by Lady Winter.

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