A Rough Start

Well, I’m not too pleased with the first part of my short story series. Part 1 had some critical typos in some critical places (that have been corrected), and the piece is not so strong in terms of style. I’m finding that writing and posting in the same night is not going to work for this type of project. There is too much to edit, and there is too much material to look at and correct. I’ll continue with the story, but the writing session and the editing/posting session will be split by a night of sleep between.

The good news is that I can clearly see a lot of flaws in the writing. That’s very exciting for me. Generally, when I dislike what I’ve written, I can’t place a lot of details on why. With part one of Something… I can see pacing issues, shallow description, repetition, so on. It’s a good thing to be able to see that. I know I can write better than what I did last night.

So we’re off to a rough start, but we’ll continue on. I can’t treat these segments the same way I treat Flash Fictions, but that’s okay. It’s a good little lesson to learn. More tomorrow.

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