Confession (Flash Fiction)

I followed him home that night. It was surprisingly simple. Even when the traffic got thin and really let up, when I was the only car behind him, I just left off a bit and he led me right to his house. It was a fancy piece of shit, two-car garage and a nice driveway that strolled along a green lawn. A lot better than my apartment.

I drove on passed, sure that he would give a look back at the red sedan that had been following him for the last fourteen miles. He didn’t give a fuck. He just kept spewing into that cell phone of his. Ya know, he talked on that thing the whole way home. Someone should talk to him about that. I think he’s got a problem. Well, he did. The last glimpse I caught was of him walking in, so apparently he doesn’t bother keeping his doors locked.

I parked around the corner and waited for a few minutes. Then I just walked up the sidewalk. There was a couple walking their dog. I said hello from across the street and they just kept right along. Some kids rode by on their bikes. Only the youngest of the group was kind enough to smile and wave back. All in all, it was a pretty shitty neighborhood. I wish I would have realized it then. I could have taken my time.

The neighbor dogs were already barking when I showed. Ya know those stupid yappers that never shut up? It didn’t make a lick of difference if they saw me or not. I watched his wife through the kitchen window. She was pretty in a conservative kind of way, the kind of gal who could really be a knockout if you gave her a reason to put out the effort. She was yelling at the damn kids about homework or something. I didn’t really pay attention.

He was on the couch watching football. I wasn’t surprised. He had this goddamn behemoth of a television and it was turned up real loud. Probably so he couldn’t hear his wife bitching. The family went upstairs so I snuck into the backyard. No dog, just more prim and proper grass. Do people really find shit like that important?

The rugrats got put to bed. I missed the chance of seeing his wife’s tits when she got in the shower. It didn’t matter, I saw them later. The TV was still just fucking screaming bloody murder. I bet it was quieter in the stadium. I don’t know how the hell his kids could sleep through all that noise and yelling, but they sure did. I was happy they did.

The cutlery set they had was expensive. Believe me, I know my cutlery. This shit was top of the line and new, no question. I fuckin’ gutted that pig in seconds. It happened so fast and he was so surprised that he didn’t even make a sound. He looked me straight in the eye with the most peculiar face. I smiled and licked his blood from the knife right in front of his face. I wanted him to see something that ugly while he died. He deserved it.

The kids went next. It wasn’t even fun, to be honest. They were both asleep and I shoved their pillows over their heads so they wouldn’t make too much noise when they screamed. The wife though, she was in the shower still, and my god, let me tell you about her.

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