Alcohol (Flash Fiction)

Shots. It was always about shots. Brian insisted, Brian demanded, and Bob folded. They picked their poison and set it like a firing squad before them. Ten shots, Wild Turkey. The first was hard to handle. The second continued the burn. Three and four went down easy enough, but five caused alarm enough to bring a pause. The two conducted a brief interview with one another where it was quickly determined that Bob was a pussy and Brian a little bitch. The execution carried on.

Number six packed the same fire of shot one, but there was far less punch. Seven and eight went down swimmingly. Nine and ten didn’t even register in memory. High-fives were had, the cab arrived, and the conquest began.

The music was loud and utter shit. The double-kamikaze was ten bucks a piece. Every imaginable type of spray on scent was in the air. Platinum blondes and lower back tattoos and apple martins. Instructional pool games where the winner byes. Grinding against mini-skirts. Brain lost a button early in the night and simply undid the whole shirt. Bob complimemented his manly tits.

The club was an ocean ofsweating bodies and ringing ears. Those who lacked proper rhythtm poured their woes into their phones. Bob, not lacking in managerial capabilities, managed to find himself to find himself between two lovely ladies. Brian was mistaken for a stripper, a mistaken that made him quite happy. The night raged and the drinks flowed. The cash evaporated and was replaced with regrettable plastic. Bob was even encouraged into a good grope. of boobs.

the dancing poured into the street to attenda private party at the end of the block. Bob tripped over nothing and put a sizable crack n his phone. Brian no longer fround a need for his shirt at simply discarded it to a man who stood smoking a cigarette, a man who brian insisted was homelessness. The smoker too the shirt without protest Bob managed to get hit by a parked car.

Once inside teh house bob found his hands happerly over ever inch of Sandy? Snusan? Susy? Brian engaged a rather shaggy looking fellow in a convssation dealing with the prorper use of the N word a convrseation that he quite obviousy won. Whne it was mentioned that discssions arent meant to be won brian was more than willing to pount out the fact he had no shift on and fantastic man-tits. The statemte was widely agreed upun and settled the issue entrily

Bob found himse lf in the bathroom with sarah? cindy? trying to fashion a condom oout of a plastic bga it never occurrred to him to acquite to him to acquire one on loan from brian who carried them like ammunition. Susanne layed topless in the bathtub fast asleep bob never got around to noticing. Brian shed his panrts and prouldly displayed his flame pattern underwaer. Only the piuctres taken by strangers know the rest of the tale

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