Cruisin’ (Flash Fiction)

Bob turned the crank and rolled the window down. The ocean air poured into the cabin of his car. He stuck his arm out and surfed his hand in the wind beside his door. He looked out over the glittering ocean rolling by.

“Shit’s bright,” Brian said. He coughed. Acrid smoke rolled from his mouth. “Why’d we go out again?”

“Come on, dude,” Bob said. “It’s fuckin’ beautiful out. Chics, dude!” Bob looked through the dirty windshield. “Look at ’em. I don’t know why some of them even bother wearing clothes.”

Brian coughed. “Yeah, but why couldn’t we go out at night?” Brian shielded his eyes from the sun. “I can feel the cancers getting in me, man.” He took a long, bubbly drag from the bong in his hand and held his breath in.

“You gotta stop smokin’ so much, dude.” Bob searched the state beach for curvy silhouettes. “You’re gonna burn out.”

Brian coughed again. “You should do that. Burn out”

“What?” Bob said. They rolled up to a 4-way stop.

“Burn rubber, man!” Brian sucked in more smoke before speaking again. “Chics love that kinda shit. We’ll get laid in no time,” he said in a smokey exhale.

Bob laughed at the small cloud rolling from the passenger window over the hood. “Yeah, totally.” He waited for the opposing traffic to cross and put his foot on the gas. The tires of his 1992 Honda Civic gave a chirp and the four cylinder engine did its best to dart through the intersection. The right wheel hit a small pothole and Bob’s hand slipped. He slammed on the brakes before they veered into the parked car in front of them. A subtle bump was felt from behind.

Brian laughed. “That was awesome! Totally smoked ’em.” He took another hit.

“Ah shit, dude. I think we got rear-ended.” Bob tilted the mirror. A raised, white truck with mud tires filled the view. “Yeah, man. Crap, my mom is gonna be pissed.”

Brian turned in his seat to look back. His eyes focused just in time to see a luscious blonde with denim shorts extend her long legs from the truck onto the street. “Ha! I knew it, man. I told you we’d get some chics.”

Bob looked back with wide, blood-shot eyes. They nodded together and smiled at their good fortune.

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