Committed (Flash Fiction)

Bob reached the edge and took in the view. The clear blue sky gave a serene look to the world below him. The breeze stirred with a restless motion, whipping and tossing his blonde hair. The midday sun bathed him in warmth. His shadow was a soft circle over his curled toes. Below, the blue water stirred with an eery calm.

Bob felt fear creeping in, threatening to steal away his premeditated decision. The water, normally a safe haven, a source of enjoyment, was anything but. He forced himself closer to the edge. Each inch was more difficult than the last. His breath became shallow as his eyes locked in a downward stare, down and down and down.

“Jump!” came a shout. Bob felt his body tense from the sound. A rather plump kid with freckles spattered across his face gave a taunting look. From behind him came another call, the same as the first. An older kid this time, nearly a teenager. The stare that came from the impatient eyes was the same. The dark haired boy stomped on the board, shaking it below Bob’s feet.

Bob looked to the corner of the pool where his inspiration watched in silence. She was cute to a fault and just a little bit older than he was. She shielded her eyes from the sun and squinted her brown eyes. A strange look covered her face. “She’s wondering what’s taking so long,” he said to himself in a whisper.

“Come on, kid. Jump!” The board shook again with a greater violence. The teenager was on the high dive now, no longer waiting at the top of the steps. Bob peered over the edge to the water that waited miles below him. He felt pains of regret as fear locked every muscle in his body.

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