Ready (Flash Fiction)

Bob walked into the break room where Bill had already brewed the first pot of coffee.
“Cup’a joe?”
“You bet.”
Bill filled a porcelain mug to the brim. “Here ya go.”
“Watch the game?”
“All the way! Great score.”
“Down to the wire.”
“You bet.”
They both took long pulls from their cups.
“Pregnant! Official!”
“Great! Fantastic.”
“Very excited.”
The two mugs met in a clink. They drank again.
“Refill?” Bill asked.
“Of course,” said Bob.

“Big merger today.”
“Real big.”
“Too big.”
“Should be good though,” Bill said, sucking down more gulps. “Open positions.”
“You bet.” Bob tipped his mug to the ceiling. “Promotions.”
“Vacation accrual!” they said together with laughter.
“Top it off?”
“Please do,” Bob said.

Bill gave a puff of a sigh. “Well, get to it.”
“May as well.”
“You bet.”
“Good job with Lindsay!” Bill called out.
Bob raised his white mug.

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