Love Comes, Love Goes (Flash Fiction)

He saw her almost immediately. She strolled barefoot over the dew laden grass. Her golden hair hung loosely in the wind, curly at the end, and aglow from the sunlight. She playfully twisted the plucked daisies in her fingers.

Bob’s heart quickened at her approach. He stayed low and still to not be noticed. His heart fluttered like the wings of the butterflies dancing across the open meadow.

He thought to himself:
Surely she can see love through
Surely she can find my nature true

She descended down the green slope to the water’s edge unknowing. A soft smile crossed her delicate lips as the breeze caressed her skin. She dashed the wind with the petals and watched them fall slowly to the glassy surface of the pond.

Bob shifted closer, quietly and carefully. As she wiggled her toes on the edge of the water he found his courage to say hello. She turned and saw him and simply smiled back. Bob delighted for a moment, his heart bursting with joy. Then, before he realized, she was upon him with a smooth stone, striking at him. Bob lunged just in time, finding the water with a splash. She tossed stone after stone while screaming childish obscenities. Bob swam until she was out of sight.

He hopped onto his lily pad and sighed as another love stormed off through the open meadow. He set his eyes to the horizon, lashing his tongue at a buzzing fly, waiting for the next maiden to pass by.

Seriously, he thought. Worst. Curse. Ever.

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