A Personal Peak (Flash Fiction)

“Come on, Bob!” cheered his friend. “Come on, man. You can make it. You’re almost there!”

Each step pushed rocky soil away from his boots. He struggled to control the shaking muscles in his legs. A cold sweat layered his forehead. Fire filled his lungs. Each gain in elevation was more difficult than the last, and more releasing. Finally, he found the horizon and nearly fell over from the bear hug he received. They celebrated, took a seat, and took a much needed drink.

“How high is it again?” Bob asked.
“Just about eighty-two hundred feet,” he said, passing the water back.
“Wow,” Bob said.
“Yeah, man. You did it. You did it!”
Bob smiled.

They ate their lunch in silence, letting the landscape speak for itself.

“Dude, you should take a picture. Take a picture, and send it to your doctor and that bitch from the insurance company.”

Bob roared laughter. It was an honest laugh, one that left the corners of his eyes wet. He tried to remember the last time he had laughed like that but couldn’t. He did take a picture, but he only sent it to his doctor. The bitch from the insurance company didn’t deserve to see such a glorious view.

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